The HyperE Story

HyperE was founded in 2015 as a visionary Hyperpolarization Engineering venture to bridge gaps in cancer diagnostics and treatment monitoring. The critical objective has been to overcome the inherently low magnetic resonance signal to enable the use of noninvasive MRI for improved metabolic imaging and groundbreaking molecular imaging. Supported by a NIH Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant, HyperE has designed innovative parahydrogen induced polarization (PHIP) equipment for preclinical adoption of PHIP, an emerging MRI enhancement technique with major clinical impact for improvement of diagnostic and therapeutic evaluation of cancer. As HyperE holds unparalled expertise in hyperpolarized PHIP-MRI, we are able to equip research communities with proven state-of-the-art hyperpolarization instrumentation and technology services.

While MRI technologies & methods and MRI research study designs remain core competences of HyperE, forward-thinking concepts, such as improved electrical vehicle battery maintenance, are pursued with support from our network of experts and strategic partnerships.

Additionally, HyperE has made itself a name in advising entrepreneurial innovators on SBIR/STTR grants and has garnered recognition for insightful review and thorough and polished writing/editing for manuscripts and proposals.